I     After your healing treatment I feel more than ready to go thru surgery. Thank you so much.  Yvonne C. Novato, CA

     I so appreciate the information you shared with me.  It was very helpful!  Sabrina, Dallas, TX    

      I found your leading of the meditations upbeat and mixed with enough humor that it made it easy to follow. I have never been good with guided meditation or visualization and I found myself able to do both with more ease.    Theresa T., Cuddebackville, NY

     For years I have appreciated your abilities as a clairvoyant and teacher; your compassion, clarity, sensitivity and sense of humor are amazing.  I have benefited from these wonderful classes and look forward to more to come.   Loretta V.,  San Francisco Bay Area

     I am much more capable of enjoying the beautiful 10-10 energies today due to your 2nd chakra TELE-MED last night.  There is a noticeable heaviness gone from my field.  Marilyn, San Rafael, CA

     I want everyone to know that your meditation class has brought tremendous healing to my chakras.  I highly recommend your wonderful class, you have an amazing gift, keep teaching. Thank you, Thank you.    Lupe P., San Francisco Bay Area

     I have worked with Marie individually for a few years and have been a part of her TELE-MEDs.  She has helped me grow in so many areas.  Not only is she gifted psychically, but she also empowers one to learn how to heal themselves instead of developing a dependence on her - not something I've ever seen a psychic do and it speaks of her high integrity as she shares her many gifts.  So empowering!!!  Sam A., Colorado

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