Services Offered

Having fun at ECETI Ranch

Clairvoyant Readings

In a clairvoyant reading I ask you to say your name. This enables me to tune into your present-time vibration. During a reading, I scan your chakras and aura and give you communication on who you are (your truth) and what outside influences (foreign energy) may be affecting your choices and decisions.


Business Consultations

Have you been wanting to create a new business or take your existing business to the next level?  Do you keep slamming into a brick wall whenever you try to update your work space?  A business consultation will give you a whole new perspective.  We'll look at limits placed on your creativity and manifestation ability, and begin to clear what's been interfering with your progress.

Energetic Healings

Healings can be done either in-person or long distance.  They incorporate a variety of energetic methods designed to assist you in both releasing blockages and calling back your energy. People experience a sense of relief and peace and sometimes describe sensations of floating and/or seeing colors. This is primarily a quiet space, with minimal verbal communication.


PEPP Sessions

The Personal Empowerment Protocol Program is a series of sessions focused on a specific issue in your life.

Intuitive Training Teleseminars

Learn how to heal yourself through intuitive awareness training.  These workshops and teleseminars enable you to access your own intuition, and thereby assist you in making decisions and changes in your life.  

The classes are 90 minutes long and cover a variety of topics intended to help you learn to release limitations and attract to you your heart's desires.  Medicine For Your Soul!


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